This Man Converts Your Name Into Beautiful Ganesha Art In Seconds

Give Venkatesh Ellore any name and watch him create it into an amazing artwork of Lord Ganesha in a matter of seconds.

Venkatesh Ellore can take any name and write it or rather draw out the letters of the alphabet to look like the Lord Ganesha. He tells us that he has done this for several famous and popular personalities of our country, including former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh and current Prime Minster, Narendra Modi.

Venkatesh Ellore

Venkatesh Ellore with one of his creations

Venkatesh says that he realized very early in life that he was gifted. All he needed was a blank piece of paper and pen. Drawing was his God given gift. He could picture anything and put it down on paper in a matter of seconds. He calls his rather unusual work calligraphy art or to put it more simply, My Ganesha.

But he’s modest to a fault about his talents and will not even put his name to his work. “I believe they are the work of the Creator, not mine. I am a mere instrument in His hands. And that Creator’s form is already signed into the drawing. Why should I also sign it,” he asks.

Check out his unique creations below and get one for yourself or your loved ones:

1. Your Name In Ganesha Personalised Art

2. Couple’s Name In Ganesha Personalised Art

3. Your Family’s Name In Ganesha Personalised Art

4. Your Baby’s Name In Ganesha Personalised Art

Check out Venkatesh’s entire collection of work here.

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