Vibrant, Colourful, Fun Clocks For Your Kid’s Room

Teaching a child how to tell time is an integral part of growing up. These canvas clocks with child-friendly theme-faces are an enchanting way to do this.

From dinky cars to rainbows to sea creatures to zoo animals to toy trains to baby talk to outer space…there are so many things children find interesting. These are the icons and images that our designers have taken inspiration from in their quest to come up with colourful, vibrant, and unique faces that will engage children on their quest to learn how to tell time. Come on in. We’re sure you’ll find something engaging to put up in your child’s room.



As a child, remembering the colours of the rainbow was great fun and quite challenging. This clock face is dedicated to those fun days and offers you a vibrant way to introduce your child to the wonders of telling time.


A fantastic journey in the company of wondrous sea creatures is this time keeper for your child. Welcome them to the world aquatic and interest them in the mechanics of telling time.


The sooner you teach children to love animals, the better it is for their emotional development. This clock face is a gentle and loving way to do that, while sharing with them the idea of telling time.


Trains are fun. But trains carrying cute animals are absolutely adorable. We bring these two lovable ideas together in this clock face that is designed to make learning how to tell time a rollicking ride for your child.


The baby universe should be filled with fun things that stimulate little minds. We have taken the elements of this world – a toy car, a ball, alphabet building blocks, a stacking ring tower, and the like – and turned it into an endearing way to show your child the world of time.


Astronaut is one of the favourit-est things children want to be when they grow up. This is because space is a super-interesting frontier beyond. Happily, the world of outer space offers terrific imagery for this clock face that’s a wow way to teach your child how to tell time.


Kids love dinky cars. Taking a cue from this fondness, we have turned out this clock face that showcases the miniature marvels and makes telling time a lot more fun.

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