Meet the Maker: Vishvan Saran – CanofJuice

Meet Vishvan Saran, founder of CanofJuice, a brand that collaborates and collects designs from various illustrators and designers and puts them out as tasteful Home Décor products.

“We are all about collaborating with various artists and illustrators from across the country apart for our in-house designs. So we like to imagine ourselves as a can full of creative juices waiting to be spilled.” – Vishvan Saran, CanOfJuice

Located in 6th Block, Koramangala, CanOfJuice was started by a few friends studying in design schools.

Vishvan used to browse the work of friends who studied in design schools and had blogs and portfolios online. Seeing them he used to say to himself, “I’d love to have that work on my wall.” He also realised that there are a lot of styles not being explored on main stream products. Thus was born the idea of starting a brand which collaborates and collects designs from various illustrators and designers and puts them out as Home Décor products for tasteful people to use on a daily basis.

We spoke at length with Vishvan to understand what makes CanOfJuice tick and more. Here are excerpts of our chat with him.


Vishvan – The Founder

How would you describe CanOfJuice in less than 10 words?

Fresh art for your space.

What were you doing before you started CanOfJuice?

Before starting CanofJuice I was working in Sports Management for 8 years travelling across India conducting sports events and setting up football training academies.

Which are your best selling pieces?

Of late we have been getting good response on our latest collaboration collection called the Shuffle Series. These are a modern illustrative take on the various suits of playing cards. Also, our trays and Organic Terrariums, which we are really proud of, are very popular.

Who and what do you take inspiration from?

I mainly take in inspiration from the various design blogs I read during my free time and all the designers I follow on Instagram. It’s truly amazing to find such variety of work being generated across the globe and it really pushes me to create and collaborate with Indian artists, who are on par with global designers but don’t have the opportunity or chance to showcase their work to the world.

What kind of people do you create your products for? 

Our products are concentrated on people who are looking for good quality and handcrafted décor products. We ensure our designs always have a fresh flavour to them, either with the concepts that we come up with or the colours we choose for a particular set/theme

What are the challenges you face in connection with achieving your goals? 

The main challenge we face is convincing manufacturers to try something new whenever we come up with an idea as most of the suppliers are used to a certain way of doing things and when approached with the possibility of using new materials, shapes or designs for an existing product they are reluctant to do so.

Where do you see yourself three years from now?

Three years from now I see CanofJuice as the go-to brand for various illustrators, graphic designers and product designers to come to us and explore various ideas and concepts they would have come up with but don’t necessarily have the resources or knowledge to build a prototype, test and launch in the market.

Finally, what would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

If I hadn’t taken the path I am currently on I would probably study architecture and figured my way forward from there.

Check out the CanofJuice shop on Engrave.

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