Introduce A Little Warli To Your Home

Discover the fine, graphic, and earthy art of the indigenous and ancient Warli tribe through these contemporary and unique home decor products from the skilled and creative Makers at Engrave.

The Warlis (or Varlis) are an indigenous tribe living in the mountainous and coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Their graphic, earthy, and geometric fine art is appreciated far and wide across the globe. You might want to introduce yourself to it – if you haven’t already – and check out some of these home decor products that have been embellished and elevated by this beautiful and indigenous art form.


Plates aren’t just to eat on. In the right hands, they can be turned into interior decor that’s out of this world. Take for instance, this beauteous example of Warli art served up on a decorative plate from Kolorobia.


You can tell time in a number of ways big and small. For instance, take this timepiece from Unravel India that’s enlivened by tribal art and will make you want to look at it time and again no matter what the time.


These eye-catching and durable place mats from Cork Craft protect your table against staining, heat, and scratching. The Warli Print on the mat adds a touch of ethnicity and make it most place-worthy.


You want to put your keys in a place and on a thing that’s unforgettable. This wooden key holder from HandWorkz embellished with Warli Art is that place and thing.


Nameplates must be noticeable. They say a lot about the name or names they display. They can’t be anything less than a class apart. This nameplate from ExclusiveLane is enhanced by its Warli art and showcases the name it holds in discerning style.


A photo frame is a holder of memories, they say. We concur. A memory holder cannot afford to be forgettable. Well, of course. All the more reason you might want to consider these beauties from VarEesha the next time you’re in the market for photo frame holders. Here’s to happy memories!


When coasters become a subject of conversation, it makes for more interesting conversations over the thing the coaster is the placeholder for. This colourful and gorgeous set from The Crazy Me is a standout example of the fore mentioned point.


Lovers of art will find much to appreciate in this simple, yet, very aesthetic example of ancient Warli art meets modern necessities to give rise to a whole new language of contemporary living brought to you by the creative folks at Kolorobia.

Check out our entire collection of Warli products here.

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