We can have a blast without crackers

Agreed, a totally silent Diwali is hard to pull off. Crackers are a must during Diwali. But crackers aren’t the only way to have a blast during Diwali.

Jaipur has found a brilliant way to shine during Diwali. If you didn’t know this about Jaipur, it’s a definite thing to discover soon and witness. A trip to Jaipur for this celebration this Diwali is a good idea. The weather will be nice.   

Much of the beauty of Diwali comes from the warm glow of lights and lamps which adorn streets, homes, and shops. One of the best places to experience this is in the “Pink City” of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, where not just buildings but whole markets are illuminated. Each year, there’s a competition for the best decorated and most brilliantly lit up market, and the government foots the electricity bill. It’s a dazzling display that attracts visitors from all over India. Just like Las Vegas has a “Strip”, Johari Bazaar has earned the title of “The Strip” in Jaipur during Diwali.

It’s not only handicrafts and regal forts and palaces Jaipur is known for. The Diwali here is dazzling too. Worth checking out.

The Jaipur way makes sense when you consider this: during Diwali, the pollution goes up by more than 30% due to bursting of firecrackers. Do you want to choke yourself and others around you more? Yes, bursting crackers is fun. It’s not easy. We must try to cut down.

Or we can use green crackers. In fact, we should definitely use green crackers. The government needs to make them more widely available. Perhaps it will take a few years to become the standard. Until then, it needs to be encouraged. How things stand on this front.

“Green crackers” – the less-polluting, less noisy crackers allowed by the Supreme Court this Diwali – has finally been developed by scientists. They will be cheaper too, as they would bring down the manufacturing cost by around 30 per cent. We must be optimistic about this. But realistic too.

This year, we may not see many green crackers. Next year, will be better. We must keep working towards finding better ways to have a good. This green crackers idea, in particular, we really like. Hoping it is going to be a really good product. Diwali without crackers is desirable. But it’s not as much fun. A balance needs to be struck and maintained. A beginning has been made. There must be no looking back.  

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Avinash Subramaniam

Avinash has been an advertising writer, fiction writer, poetry writer, freelance writer and serial wronger. Other roles he has been in include those of an editor, brand builder, and teacher. His interests include advertising, scrabble, body building, chess, cinema, making money, reading, internet culture, cricket, photography. To hear him air his thoughts, follow him on Twitter @armchairexpert.


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