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A quick lowdown on terrariums and how you can bring one into your world.  

Terrariums are a gardening trend that brings a small and perfectly formed botanical world into your home. Furthermore, a terrarium adds a sense of tranquility, health, and pleasantness to areas that aren’t very spacious. Here’s a quick lowdown on terrariums and how you can bring one into your world.  


What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. That said, it can also be open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. A terrarium is often kept as a decorative or ornamental item.

There are two types of terrariums, closed and open terrariums. The plants used in terrariums can be of various kinds. Hence, the ways to take care of your terrariums can vary. I have listed a few suggestions on how to take good care of your terrariums:

Closed Terrariums

A closed terrarium is akin to a self-contained ecosystem. These miniature gardens survive on indirect light and little watering. They create their own environment for plant growth. The sunlight penetrates the transparent container, which allows the plants to photosynthesize. The heat inside the sealed container evaporates the moisture from the soil and plants. The water vapour then condenses on the walls of the containers and eventually falls back on to the plants and the soil.

The water cycle is a continuous process that takes place in a closed terrarium, this humid condition is best suited for tropical plants. However, one needs to open the terrarium once a week to remove excess moisture from the walls of the container.


Care Instructions – Place your terrarium in a bright area for it to receive indirect light, under normal house/office lighting. If your plants start to turn brown, it’s an indication that the sunlight is a little too much and you need to place it in a slightly more sheltered area that receives sunlight, but not too directly.

Closed Terrariums do not have to be watered regularly. If you do feel the need to add extra moisture, use a spoon or water sprayer to avoid overwatering. If you see excess water on the sides of the container or at the bottom, leave the container open for a while.

Open Terrariums

An open terrarium adds a little greenery to your limited indoor space such as work desks, countertops and night tables. These containers have an opening that allows for air circulation, which helps in the growth of the plants and avoids excess moisture in the container.

An open terrarium is easily available at a nursery or any online store. These terrariums are best suited for plants that are adaptive to dry climate and are comfortable receiving direct sunlight.


Care Instructions –The Plants usually used in an open terrarium thrive on sunlight and require little water. Terrariums do not have any drainage systems, do not over water and do not water often. If the soil starts to dry, you can sprinkle water on to the base of the plants. You can use a spray bottle to water the plants to do so.

If your leaves start to shrivel, it’s an indication that you need to water your plants. If the leaves of your plants start to turn brown or black it means that you’re watering the plants a little too much. Replace the plant and water less.


Lastly, do not forget to prune your plants to the desired size, remove all the algae, fungus or dead plants. This will help to keep the small garden world healthy, clean, and green. Happy planting!

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