What’s Your Fragrance? Tips On Buying Perfumes Online

The task of buying the right fragrance online can be tricky. Let us help you with it.

Fragrance is the most powerful memory trigger. People often tend to recognise you by the fragrance of your signature scent. The task of buying the right fragrance online can be tricky. Let us help you with it.

Just like musical notes, the notes of fragrances blend together to create a perfect perfume accord.

A perfume has three notes:

    1. The Top Note – It’s the lightest of all the notes and can be easily recognised after applying.
    2. The Middle/Heart Note – This note appears after the top note has evaporated. It is also considered the heart of the fragrance because it has a strong influence on the base note.
    3. The Base Note – This note works with the middle note to form your perfect signature perfume. It last longest compared to the other notes.

Now that we have understood the nature of perfume notes, let’s identify which fragrances suit you best.


Pay attention to the description on your fragrance bottle, it says a lot about its character. Words like fresh, floral, wood, water, dark, night; explain the intensity of the scent.

FRESH – The notes would be simple, anything citrus, green or organic. Go for fresh notes if you’re looking for something outdoorsy.

FLORAL – The floral range is wide, you’ll find soft, subtle notes to bold and exotic. These notes are from flowers like lavender, rose, jasmine or fruity florals like strawberries or floral oriental like vanilla.

WOODY – Woody fragrances are a safe bet. They are warm, masculine and versatile.


In case you are unable to identify the words, you can consider the colour of your packaging. It may not always say what’s inside the bottle, but can help on occasions.

BLUE – It is associated with marine or aquatic fragrances. These have a cool, watery, and fresh fragrance.

BLACK – This signifies intensity and depth. This would be ideal for an evening fragrance.

RED – The colour red signifies passion and danger. These notes will have a spicy and punchy scent.

Finally, one last tip: always sample a fragrance before you buy it. A perfume you wear is a personal choice. It will enhance your personality. Don’t rush into it. Take your time to find and pick your signature scent.

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