When brass meets nameplates

Brass is shiny, striking, and handsome. These are only three of the many reasons the material is great to craft nameplates with. Here are five of our finest in brass for your consideration.

A home without a good nameplate is like a person without a memorable name. Any ordinary name is not what people want for themselves. The same goes for nameplates for homes. After all, nameplates are vital for multiple considerations. They make it easy to find your home. They showcase your name. They say things about your sense of style. They are a vital part of your welcome. All of which means they should be nothing less than a class apart.

Admittedly, you can use all kinds of things to create a nameplate with. Not all of them, however, are likely to be up to the task. Brass, though, most definitely is. This is because brass is shiny, striking, and eye-catching. And these are only three of the many foundations that make brass so good to craft nameplates with. Well, on that short introductory note, here are five of our finest in brass for your consideration. 


Crafted with care, infused with style, and personalised for your world, this offering by Dsignz is a most personable way to go in nameplates. It awaits you.      


This name plate was inspired by the signages at one of India’s premier luxury hotel – Taj Palace. Letters for this luxurious name plate are hand-carved from brass, then polished and lacquered. But that’s not all it has to say for itself. More.  



A combination of contrasting visual styles and materials, this imaginative and harmonious offering by Dsignz is a standout way to make your home…well, stand out.  


The lover of art and design in you will appreciate the effort that has gone into making this nameplate by Dsignz hard to miss and easy to appreciate. This way, please, to give your home and name a handsome touch.     


Yet another distinctive style of nameplate by Dsignz, this one is grounded in terra firma by its hues and soars with the visual splendour of its typography. Rest assured, it will showcase your destination with aplomb.    

FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR GOOD NAME AND BEYOND: From singular nameplates for discerning customers to a host of handsome, one-of-a-kind creations for those with other passions, we have a range of artistic offerings that go beyond the conventional and into over 50 product categories, Put simply, Engrave has something for anyone who appreciates good taste, and ethical making practices. Welcome to the world of Engrave. Welcome to a handcrafted, personalised, and thoughtful world.

Visit the Brass Nameplate Category on Engrave.

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