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Bangalore, Karnataka



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  • Crane Stretched Canvas Crane Stretched Canvas
  • Pink Of Clubs - Coaster Pink Of Clubs - Coaster
  • Bulbul Cushion Cover Bulbul Cushion Cover
  • Blooming World Framed Wall Art
  • Queen Tray Queen Tray
  • Dancing Leaves Cushion Cover Dancing Leaves Cushion Cover
  • Diamond Organic Terrarium
  • Blooming Reds Tray Blooming Reds Tray
  • Water Flowers Tray Water Flowers Tray
  • Vintage Bamboo Sunglasses Vintage Bamboo Sunglasses
  • Agua Aumento Skull Agua Aumento Skull
  • Fan Palm Notebook Fan Palm Notebook
  • Flores Skull Flores Skull
  • Queen - Notebook Queen - Notebook
  • Octopus Stretched Canvas Octopus Stretched Canvas
  • Jack - Cushion Cover Jack - Cushion Cover
  • Octopus Framed Wall Art
  • Blue Of Hearts - Coaster Blue Of Hearts - Coaster
  • Floating Buds Cushion Cover Floating Buds Cushion Cover
  • Kingfisher Framed Wall Art
  • Paper Boats Cushion Cover Paper Boats Cushion Cover
  • Falling Leaves Tray Falling Leaves Tray
  • Gandhi Jackfruit Sunglasses Gandhi Jackfruit Sunglasses
  • Map Series Coasters
  • Paper Plant Notebook Paper Plant Notebook
  • Calavera Darodo Skull Calavera Darodo Skull
  • Diwali Gift Box (Box,Coasters and Chocolates) Diwali Gift Box (Box,Coasters and Chocolates)
  • Pavo Real Skull Pavo Real Skull
  • King - Cushion Cover King - Cushion Cover
  • Kingfisher Stretched Canvas Kingfisher Stretched Canvas
  • Black Of Spades - Coaster Black Of Spades - Coaster
  • Crane Cushion Cover Crane Cushion Cover
  • Bulbul Framed Wall Art
  • Jack Tray Jack Tray
  • Falling Leaves Cushion Cover Falling Leaves Cushion Cover
  • Prism Organic Terrarium
  • Blooming World Tray Blooming World Tray
  • Birds Coasters
  • Club Master Teak Wood Sunglasses Club Master Teak Wood Sunglasses
  • Agua Camino Skull Agua Camino Skull
  • Diwali Gift Box (Box, Coasters and Candle) Diwali Gift Box (Box, Coasters and Candle)
  • Jordin De Flores Skull Jordin De Flores Skull
  • Jack - Notebook Jack - Notebook
  • Bulbul Stretched Canvas Bulbul Stretched Canvas
  • Ace - Cushion Cover Ace - Cushion Cover
  • Snakes Framed Wall Art
  • King Tray King Tray
  • Water Flowers Cushion Cover Water Flowers Cushion Cover

Showing 1-48 of 72 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About CanofJuice

CanofJuice is all about fresh art for your space. It’s a design studio churning out designs and developing products we love and we’re pretty sure you will love too. CanofJuice also is a collaborative space encouraging illustrators, product designers to express their ideas.

CanofJuice strives to provide high quality products, for people who love to personalize their space and express themselves. CanofJuice doesn’t adhere to a particular style. Instead, it showcases a myriad of styles by both, amateur and established artists that energies people to do something new.


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