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Mumbai, Maharashtra



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Showing 18 products

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About Chalk It Up

In the world of smart phones and technology there is a nostalgic comfort that the rustic charm of chalkboards brings to a space.

The beauty of chalk is that it gives immense character to lettering and illustrations. The look of “dustiness” makes the artwork feel rustic yet trendy at the same time. The fact that beautiful and expressive artwork can come from something as simple as a piece of chalk is remarkable and each design is unique and filled with its own special nuances.

The primary issue with chalkboard art is the worry of dust or erasing. Which is why, we’ve digitized the entire creation process enabling us to send you a gorgeous piece of chalkboard art in the form of a digital print.

Browse and buy from our collection or let us know if we can create a customized print for you. Perfect for sending a greeting to a loved one and for your home, office, restaurant, store and especially for adding a fun personal touch to events (marriages, birthdays, bachelorettes and more).


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