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About Clay

p>Clay essentials, founded in 2016 was born with the mindset of becoming a medium between nature and the user. Welcome to the world of ancient healing and wellness infused with modern day knowledge and usability.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, barks, stems, leaves to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. The use of essentials oils dates back to many ancient civilization, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Romans to name a few. A form of alternative well-being, essential oils are gaining momentum. There is wide number of oils available, each with its own magical healing properties. With a strong focus on impeccable quality, Clay is driven to create aesthetic yet functional essential oils. At Clay we don't just sell oils but put a lot of focus and “soul” to help you choose the right oils meant just for you to help you soothe your senses and provide mindful and effective healing with all natural products. We don't just focus on oils but provide you with diffusers/candles to enhance the overall experience.

So come and experience the importance and vitality of aromatherapy and essential oils in your life….


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