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Pune, Maharashtra



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  • Royal Floater Royal Floater
  • Terra Copper Tumbler (Pair) Terra Copper Tumbler (Pair)
  • Copper Pod Large -T Light Holder Copper Pod Large -T Light Holder
  • Infinity Bunting - Wall Hanging Infinity Bunting - Wall Hanging
  • Kasba Ek -T Light Holder Kasba Ek -T Light Holder
  • Stout Mule Mug Stout Mule Mug
  • Spartan Platter Spartan Platter
  • Elemental Wooden Tray Elemental Wooden Tray
  • Circled Tray Circled Tray
  • Concave Tumbler Concave Tumbler
  • Sunflower -T Light Holder Sunflower -T Light Holder
  • Nesting Bowl (Set of 3) Nesting Bowl (Set of 3)
  • Dawnlight Candle Holder Dawnlight Candle Holder
  • Oval - Bejewel Hand Mirror Oval - Bejewel Hand Mirror
  • Kasba Tea Light Set Kasba Tea Light Set
  • Beverage Glass Tall Beverage Glass Tall
  • Indus Fauna (Set of 3) - Utility Box Indus Fauna (Set of 3) - Utility Box
  • Bed Side Carafe & Glass Bed Side Carafe & Glass
  • Little Glimmer -T Light Holder Little Glimmer -T Light Holder
  • Linear Tumblers (Pair) Linear Tumblers (Pair)
  • Earthlore -T Light Holder Earthlore -T Light Holder
  • Geometry Bunting - Wall Hanging Geometry Bunting - Wall Hanging
  • Kasba Do -T Light Holder
  • Arched Mule Mug Arched Mule Mug
  • Circular Nut Bowl Circular Nut Bowl
  • Trinket Utility Box Trinket Utility Box
  • Terra Copper Jug Small Terra Copper Jug Small
  • Convex Tumbler Convex Tumbler
  • Copper Pod Small -T Light Holder Copper Pod Small -T Light Holder
  • Foliage Bunting - Wall Hanging Foliage Bunting - Wall Hanging
  • Twilight -T Light Holder Twilight -T Light Holder
  • Arch - Bejewel Hand Mirror Arch - Bejewel Hand Mirror
  • Square Platter Square Platter
  • Beverage Mugs (Set of 2) Beverage Mugs (Set of 2)
  • Prayer Platter Essentials Prayer Platter Essentials
  • Desk Top Carafe Desk Top Carafe
  • Hurricane Lamp Hurricane Lamp
  • Nesting Bowl Small Nesting Bowl Small
  • Folklore -T Light Holder Folklore -T Light Holder
  • Round - Bejewel Hand Mirror Round - Bejewel Hand Mirror
  • Kasba Teen -T Light Holder Kasba Teen -T Light Holder
  • Tulsi Kansa Set Tulsi Kansa Set
  • Indus Flora (Set of 3) - Utility Box Indus Flora (Set of 3) - Utility Box
  • Terra Copper Jug Large Terra Copper Jug Large

Showing 44 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Coppre

Rashmi Ranade is the Founder and Lead Designer at Coppre. Alumni of Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Rashmi further specialized in Product Design from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai. Over the past 20 years, she has spearheaded Product Design, Planning, Brand Positioning and Graphic Design.

Team Coppre believes that objects that are crafted by hand embody a unique identity. And convey a special sense of purpose. We look at objects from yesteryears and marvel at the craftsmanship. It never ceases to amaze us how every utilitarian object had an element of ornamentation. And vice versa.

So many handcrafting traditions have ceased to be. It matters to us that artisans have been relegated. And that our heritage has been compromised. We think there's work to be done.

Tambat Ali is a small settlement of metalworking artisans. These artisans migrated to Pune in the 17th century under the royal patronage of the Peshwas. Over 800 of them. They beat on copper and made artillery, royal seals, utensils and more. For more than three centuries.

Then one day the British regime replaced the Peshwas. Then came steel and plastic. And the artisans dwindled in numbers and faded into obscurity. A few artisans still practice a living heritage. Only about 80 of them. Not knowing what to do with this craft.

That's why we started Coppre. To reconstitute and revive. And to breathe new life into our heritage.

Because this is what we do best - design - craft - propagate.

So yes, the spotlight will be back.

On our artisans, our craft, and our heritage.


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