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Cup Of Joy

Bangalore, Karnataka



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About Cup Of Joy

We are a couple that thoroughly enjoys the aroma, taste, and bliss that a great coffee brings to our lives. We are the kind of folks who can't start their day without freshly brewed coffee. That said, finding quality filter coffee isn't that easy anymore. And a coffee, not made right is just not right and borders on blasphemy! That’s why, we felt the need to start Cup Of Joy, to ensure every cup you have is perfect. Our aim is to deliver freshly roasted and ground coffee to our customers and make every cup of coffee taste the way it’s meant to be. We procure high quality robusta, arabiaca and peaberry beans from Chikmagalur estates. These beans are carefully handpicked and roasted to perfection at our manufacturing unit in Bangalore. We have 2 roast cycles every week – Wednesdays and Sundays. Once an order is placed, the beans are roasted, ground coarsely, and then mixed with chicory based on what you want. Enjoy.


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