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Doodle Riot by Kalyani Nerurkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra



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About Doodle Riot by Kalyani Nerurkar

Hi, this is Kalyani Nerurkar from Doodle Riot.

The birth of Doodle Riot took place on the hardbound covers of my college notebooks, textbooks, chalkboards, tissue papers and eventually any and every surface where I could use my pens and pencils to doodle. As a media student, I often found myself distracted in lectures with random thoughts and patterns. And the easiest outlet of channelizing this creativity was to bring it alive on paper.

There are various perspectives and interpretations of doodling as an art form. It could be a mindless scribble or a well thought out design that flows endlessly from the artist's mind. However taking the art to a new level of conceptualizing, learning the fine techniques of color, layout and design as well choosing the right mediums is something I started working on since 2013.

I believe artistic inspiration is not hard to find. We are surrounded by beautiful poetry, mind-boggling sceneries, books and of-course terrific music from all around the world. It's how you take this very inspiration and match it with you individual imagination that matters. That's how I started my series of musical illustrations. One rainy afternoon I played The Scientist by Coldplay on loop and my pens started their work on paper. It was unplanned, unplugged and purely an amalgamation of music and art.

The beauty of doodling lies in the simplicity of its medium. My tools range from fine-line pens, color pencils, watercolors to markers, gel pens and sketch pens. The canvas varies from A3 to A4 300 gsm papers.

The biggest challenge for a doodler like me is to maintain a unique style yet evolve with every new art piece. It's important to establish a signature doodle style and that is my long-term goal.

I'm really excited about reaching a broader customer base and plan to take the range of musical illustrations forward with customized orders of favorite songs, movie quotes and characters.

My work has been featured in The Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Mid-day, Buzzfeed, Scoopwhoop, The Huffington Post and Little Black Book.


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