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Showing 1-48 of 114 products

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About Evince

Nirali, practising interior designer, passion for sensible designing along with strong background of printing business is introducing her new venture – evince – thoughtful PRESENTations.

Since 11 years of practise in designing and understanding the likings and beliefs of client/customer/consumer, after a thorough research in her work with reference to current lifestyle, she is here to introduce a new range of gift wrapping solutions which helps to continue your lifestyle with a purpose/value added to it.

She observed and is still observing today's inquisitive minds putting an extra effort to stand among the competitive world.

Google becoming one of the most helpful tool to add to an inquisitive mind. there's an effort to it. but if information comes to you easily why will you not chew it : ).

She thinks informations coming to you as a PRESENT wrapper in a most elegant and a thoughtful way - gives double joy in delivering and receiving the gifts and at the same time living up to your standards of lifestyle or may be raising your standards !.

She is working on her designs even with an effort where gift wrappers might not go to dustbins directly after a use. Trying to be conscious towards our messed up ecology, task continues in designing, to reuse the paper in one or more way.

To start with she had tried to get hold of the subjects which are of common interests of her buyers, but is also working towards specific interests.


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