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Jaipur, Rajasthan



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About Fanusta

Fanusta Global Private Limited is a curated marketplace for home décor and furniture, born in the heritage heart of India- Jaipur with a vision of rediscovering the lost Indian art. It is derived from two words, ‘Fan’ in Arabic means Art and ‘Usta’ in Turkish means Master.

We work in collaboration with master craftspeople and artists from across India to curate and create one-of-a-kind artifacts for home & living. The magical handwork of these artisans has machine-like precision, carried forward through generations. Each and every product is a perfect blend of age-old technique and new-age outlook. The designs are innovative and integrated with the sustenance of the artisanal communities.

Fanusta offers an exquisite range of handcrafted home decor, from contemporary furniture to statement wall accents, modern sculptures and quirky figurines to hand molded pottery and vases, scented candles to eclectic lamps and lanterns and much more. The art & crafts at Fanusta includes Blue Pottery from Jaipur, Wood art & Marble sculptures from Kishangarh, Udaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Metal Inlay & Brass engraving from Moradabad, Glassware from Aligarh, Madhubani from Bihar and Dhokra from Eastern India.

We take pride in handicraft heritage of India and work with a vision to bring a sense of appreciation to the true Indian artistry. Through its initiative- 'I am Fanusta', the brand strive to locate, recognize and voice artistic expression of the local master artist and artisans, enhance their creative capacity and in turn celebrate their artistic freedom on the worldwide stage.

Fanusta is our sincere attempt to save and preserve the art and craft of the world's oldest known civilisation and spread it across the globe. We as a Social Enterprise, intend to create a positive difference in the community by our business.


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