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Classics: Slate Grey Organic Cotton T-shirt - Men


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100% Organic Cotton.

Chemical Free.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts are of Premium Quality. They are naturally soft, light and very comfortable to wear.

0% Pesticides.

0% GMO Seeds.

Delivered in 5-6 business days.

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Why Organic

Organic cotton is cotton grown from non-genetically modified plants. It is grown without use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, or pesticides.

1. Amazingly Comfortable

"Love n Enjoy what you wear!!"

Organic Cotton apparels are softer and easier on your skin. You will feel so good while wearing it, that you won’t feel letting go. People fall in love with the fabric by just touching it.If you have not felt the softness of Organic Cotton, then try it once and you will surely fall in Love with it.

2. Enhanced Farmer Livelihood

"Growing Organic Cotton is far safer and less expensive for Farmers"

Chemicals used in traditional farming methods have a devastating effect on the people who contact them. Some of the chemicals used, such as Aldicarb, can be lethal to people, while others can cause sickness or birth defects. Many farmers are in direct touch with the cotton, increasing the risk of exposure. Also, it affects their families and people living around.

3. Safer Environment

"Organic Cotton makes the environment Cleaner, Healthier and Brighter"

We know most of us don’t think of saving the environment while shopping for apparel. But very few are aware of the fact that "Cotton is world’s dirtiest crop. Despite making up about 2.5 percent of all world agriculture, it uses about 25 percent of world’s insecticides and 10 percent of world’s pesticides.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

"No Chemicals contacted on your skin"

Conventional Cotton apparel has lot of Chemicals in contact with it. These chemicals get in touch with your skin. According to a test in Canada of few people, every person tested had some number of toxic chemicals in their body.Also, Organic Cotton is good for sensitive skin and Allergies. Organic Cotton Clothing can reduce irritations and minimize allergic reactions.

4. Superior Quality

"Very Soft and Light to Wear"

Organic produces great quality cotton. When compared like-for-like, organic fibers consistently produce better quality yarns than conventional cotton. All Organic Certifications require very high standards to meet, that guarantees a High Quality product.

Also, the Organic Cotton fiber is much stronger, and is more durable. You need to try it to feel it!!

6. Be Unique and Proud

"Being aware of the impact of the tee you are wearing will surely make you feel proud."

Have you ever realized that a single t shirt you buy and wear has so much of impact. Wearing the best quality and so comfortable t shirt will surely make you feel Unique.

About the Maker

Organic Threadz is India's best Organic T-Shirt brand. We serve Premium Organic Cotton T-Shirts for Men and Women. Our vision is to spread goodness with feel good fashion. Organic Cotton apparel will surely make you feel good as there are no chemicals used in process of making the product, which makes it a soft, light and comfortable wear. Also, it provides a better livelihood to farmers and conserves the environment. All our products are GOTS and SOIL certified. Our brand values are Healthy Lifestyle, Comfort, Quality and Goodness and we take each one of it seriously. If you find us not being perfect in any of these factors please contact us, we will surely make it perfect for you. Love to serve you. Cheers.

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Material Organic Cotton
Standard Delivery Delivered in 5-6 business days.

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