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Funky Kalakar

Mumbai, Maharashtra



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  • Spotted Carmine (Loafer) Spotted Carmine (Loafer)
  • Blue Abyss (Loafer) Blue Abyss (Loafer)
  • Pine Wave (Loafer) Pine Wave (Loafer)
  • Blieg (Loafer) Blieg (Loafer)
  • Mango Deluge (Loafer) (M) Mango Deluge (Loafer) (M)
  • Fossil Trim (Loafer) Fossil Trim (Loafer)
  • Alphaville (Loafer) Alphaville (Loafer)
  • Barine (Loafer) Barine (Loafer)
  • Lori (Loafer) Lori (Loafer)
  • Jean Genie (Loafer) (M) Jean Genie (Loafer) (M)
  • Donndubhan (Loafer) Donndubhan (Loafer)
  • Sei Azure (Loafer) Sei Azure (Loafer)
  • Ebony Comet (Loafer) Ebony Comet (Loafer)
  • Pellote (Loafer) Pellote (Loafer)
  • Pine Wave (Loafer) (M) Pine Wave (Loafer) (M)
  • Granola Boat (Loafer) Granola Boat (Loafer)
  • Cherry Rune (Loafer) Cherry Rune (Loafer)
  • Kalie (Loafer) Kalie (Loafer)
  • Sehni (Loafer) Sehni (Loafer)
  • Coco Pod (Loafer) Coco Pod (Loafer)
  • Mango Deluge (Loafer) Mango Deluge (Loafer)
  • Jean Genie (Loafer) Jean Genie (Loafer)
  • Reya (Loafer) Reya (Loafer)
  • Ebony Comet (Loafer) (M) Ebony Comet (Loafer) (M)

Showing 24 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Funky Kalakar

A realm that worships a myriad of gods. Traditions that echo of untold stories and great passion. And people constantly reinventing themselves. We deem ourselves capable of communicating these stories to the world. Funky Kalakar is the conception of a long journey fueled by enthusiasm and devout respect for ingenious art forms. We have come to understand that the world without the beauty of art and its principles is a world lacking life. That being said Funky Kalakar aspires to make a mark in the grey blur of the convention. We work out of a handbook that mirrors our outlook of the world. Our principles are not rooted in the origins of the people we work with, but with the heart, they put into their craft to create something magnificent. It suffices to say that Funky Kalakar has been built upon three strongholds. Those being a hope for sustainability, a vision for empowerment and of course a sanctuary for the artistic temperament.


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