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Top Unique Gifts

Top Unique Gifts

Engrave presents the world's most unique collection of personalised gifts online, for any occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Housewarmings and much more. Be it a caricature or pencil sketch by renowned artists, a 3D printed superhero clone or a beautifully crafted hand-written letter to a loved one, we have exclusively curated the coolest and most different customized gifts online in India. So surprise your friends and family with these special gift ideas that are sure to spread a whole lot of cheer.

Featured Caricatures:

Commission a handmade caricature from the most widely renowned artists in India.

See the entire collection of caricatures by these artists: GraphicurryCaricme


Plaques and Canvas Prints:

Choose from a wide range of plaques and canvas prints, our flagship products which are just an absolutely ideal gift to make any special occasion memorable.

View Entire Collection: Plaques, Canvas Prints


Personalised Newspapers and Wall Decals:

Surprise the living daylights out of your loved ones with a personalised newspaper/magazine having their photo printed on the front page or lighten up their walls with custom made wall decals which last for a lifetime.

  • Panel Out Photo 3D Wall Sticker Panel Out Photo 3D Wall Sticker

View Entire Collection: Personalised Newspaper Front Pages & Magazine Covers, Personalised Wall Decals and Stickers


Etched Stones & Pebbles:

Set in stone means for an eternity. Now etch your messages in stone quite literally with these beautiful pebble keepsakes.


Doodle Art, Pencil Sketches and Leaf Portraits:

Choose from a range of funky art forms, be it a personalised doodle, a hand painted portrait on pipal leaf or simply a pencil sketch of your loved ones to surprise them on their special occasions.


3D Superhero Clones, Figurines and Busts:

Get a 3D version of yourself or your special ones, customized to the T and select from various avatars to awaken your inner superhero or just simply be yourself.

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View Entire Collection by Our Makers: CloneMeMy Cute MiniChizel Prints


Personalised Storybooks for Children:

Make your kids’ favorite fairy tales come to life by giving us the names of your child and his close friends and we will spin a story around it with your kid as the protagonist.

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View Entire Collection: Personalised Storybooks


Paper Cutting and Origami Art:

Get your fix of paper crafts with paper cut portraits made painstakingly and intricately by Ritu Gera or elegantly crafted Origami Paper folded novella by Shikha Jain.

  • Layered Paper Cut Portrait - Single Face Layered Paper Cut Portrait - Single Face
  • B&W Paper Cut Portrait B&W Paper Cut Portrait

View Entire Collection by Our Makers: Ritu GeraOrigami Book Art


3D Castings:

Make the arrival of a new born into your family unforgettable by getting imprints of your baby’s hands and feet cast and framed for life

View Entire Collection by Our Makers: Oeuvvre


Name In Ganesha:

Lord Ganesha is the God of new beginnings and renowned artist Venkatesh Ellore provides you with your own version of Lord Ganesha designed with either your name, mantra, or anything under the sun to add to the sanctity of your home.

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Check out India’s largest and most comprehensive collection of personalised nameplates, designed to suit all your whims and fancies right here on Engrave.

View Entire Collection: Customised Name Plates



Personalize a clock for your loved ones but go out-of-the-box with these custom vinyl wall clocks, caricature clocks and many more.

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