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Handmade in India | Traditional Indian Handicrafts

From Kalamkari to Kundan to Banarasi to Warli to Jadau to Zardosi to Fashion to Filligree to Kashmiri to Kanykumari to Rajasthani to Bengali to names, regions, people, and kinds too numerous to list them all individually, the history of Indian arts and handicrafts is versatile, resilient, and very ancient. It dates back to a colourful past dating at least 5000 years. They have withstood the depredation of time and several foreign invasions and continue to flourish till date because of the open mindedness and creativity of the creators of Indian arts and handicrafts and their ability to assimilate new ideas.

In a nutshell, the arts and crafts of India reflect the history and skills of each region and he influences of different empires that have held sway over this vast land. This page is a small attempt to document and celebrate the mind-boggling skills and people that have survived centuries of change. We hope you will enjoy the ongoing journey into centuries of time and its never-ending stories. Welcome.


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