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Kolhapur, Maharashtra



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  • Macrame Plant Holder (001)
  • Macrame Coasters (Set Of 4) (006)
  • Macrame Table Runner (004)
  • Macrame Candle Jar Holder (009)
  • Macrame Chandelier (002)
  • Macrame Coasters (Set Of 4) (007)
  • Macrame Mirror Wall Piece (005)
  • Animal Jars (Set Of 3) (003)
  • Macrame Chandelier (008)

Showing 9 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Home Dazzle

Home dazzle is a premium range of adornments and embellishments for your space. Specially handcrafted and customized macrame products to inject bohemian vibes and beautify your spaces. Also vintage french decor products.

How it all started:

As a child I had love for art and craft and have memories of being so engrossed in it. As I grew older, studies and other school activities took much of my time and then the time of high school and college which I spent being with my friends and planning for my courier that made me forget of my love for art and craft.

In-between courier and marriage pinterest found me. The idea of DIY-ing always struck me. I Kept searching for new projects and new form of arts so much that my pinterest feed always showed me so much new and interesting that I couldn't help myself and always made those so very interesting projects and piece of arts. While making these projects and searching for new ones I came across home decor projects which I started making for my house. My friends and family loved those products and asked me to make the same for them as well. My best friends and my husband encouraged me to do even better and that's how came the idea of starting up my own little ‘HOME DAZZLE’.


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