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Ilai Bags

Madurai, Tamil Nadu



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Showing 7 products

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About Ilai Bags

Makers Cart is supported by The Yellow Bag , a social organization which believes in the power of social enterprises to inspire and implement solutions for a better sustainable world. The products are manufactured by social enterprises aligning to the core value of eco friendly products manufactured through an inclusive working environment including women, people with physical challenges and intellectually special.

Ilai -Upcycled Collections: Upcycled Collection from ilai is made from industry excess materials. By upcycling these fabrics, we are attempting to close the loop in an industry that creates an enormous amount of waste. Ilai in Tamil language means Leaf. A leaf is perfect example for a natural resource which has its use throughout its life and after. B8In nature, there is no concept of waste.It is only Human lifestyle which generates waste.

Ilai is an effort to get you products which are made from so called waste or creates minimal leftovers which gets absorbed by nature and strengthens life. Let us celebrate Life on earth!.


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