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  • Rangoli - Rectangle Serving Tray
  • Bageecha - Fruit Bowl
  • Rangoli - Round Jug (Set Of 5)
  • Black - Non-Slip Aluminum Tray
  • Rangoli - Fruit Bowl
  • Udaan - Square Jug (Set of 5)
  • Gold - Non-Slip Aluminum Tray
  • Udaan - Rectangle Serving Tray
  • Fulpatti - Fruit Bowl
  • Udaan - Round Jug (Set Of 5)
  • Pink - Non-Slip Aluminum Tray
  • Udaan - Fruit Bowl
  • Fulpatti - Square Jug (Set of 5)
  • Silver - Non-Slip Aluminum Tray
  • Fulpatti - Rectangle Serving Tray
  • Rangoli - Square Jug (Set of 5)
  • Fulpatti - Round Jug (Set Of 5)

Showing 17 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Intrendz

Hello from Intrendz! We at Intrendz believe in living an environmental friendly lifestyle. Our products are made from “Bamboo Fibre”, which is made from bamboo powder that is a new eco-friendly material.

An alternative to traditional plastic, glass and ceramic products that are non-renewable, heavy and not as durable; bamboo fibre products are highly renewable, eco-Friendly, biodegradable, FDA Approved, dishwasher safe, durable, stain-proof, non-toxic, hygienic, heat-resistant and break-resistant.

We have only one earth and it is our home. To save the resources and protect our living environment, we invite you to make joint efforts and reduce the non-renewable resources and encourage you to use Bamboo Fibre products.

We also carry a beautiful and slick line of non-slip aluminum trays that have non-slip rubber mats and prevents spillage up to an 45 degree angle. You may also remove the rubber mats to clean them if necessary. These products are dishwasher safe, durable, stain proof, hygienic and unbreakable.


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