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Kiran Social Enterprises

Kolkata, West Bengal



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  • Sage Earring Sage Earring
  • Moonlight Earrings
  • Story Earring Story Earring
  • Recycled Sari Wine Bottle Bag Recycled Sari Wine Bottle Bag
  • Sage Necklace Sage Necklace
  • Rhythm Necklace Rhythm Necklace
  • Sky Bracelet Sky Bracelet
  • Wilderness Bracelet Wilderness Bracelet
  • Lavish Earrings
  • Heritage Earring Heritage Earring
  • Bhorom Bag Bhorom Bag
  • Sky Necklace Sky Necklace
  • Kantha Stitch Sari Full Bed Blanket Kantha Stitch Sari Full Bed Blanket
  • Cascade Necklace Cascade Necklace
  • Trade Winds Necklace Trade Winds Necklace
  • Nomad Bracelet Nomad Bracelet
  • Classic Multi Bracelet
  • Dual Drop Earring Dual Drop Earring
  • Monsoon Earrings Monsoon Earrings
  • Beloved Necklace Beloved Necklace
  • Recycled Sari Wallet Recycled Sari Wallet
  • Chuti Necklace Chuti Necklace
  • Oriental Gypsy Necklace Oriental Gypsy Necklace
  • Story Bracelet Story Bracelet
  • Glisten Bracelet Glisten Bracelet
  • Dark Khaki Earrings
  • Sari Dance Earring Sari Dance Earring
  • Mini Sari Gift Bags
  • Story Necklace Story Necklace
  • Sari Journal
  • Jatra Necklace Jatra Necklace
  • Sage Bracelet Sage Bracelet
  • Regal Tea Bracelet Regal Tea Bracelet
  • Trade Winds Bracelet Trade Winds Bracelet
  • Sky Earring Sky Earring
  • Monsoon Necklace Monsoon Necklace
  • Lunar Necklace Lunar Necklace
  • Kantha Stitch Sari Baby Blanket Kantha Stitch Sari Baby Blanket
  • Regal Tea Necklace Regal Tea Necklace
  • Rangoli Necklace Rangoli Necklace
  • Five Songs Bracelet Five Songs Bracelet
  • Classic Single Bracelet

Showing 42 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Kiran Social Enterprises

Kiran Social Enterprises is a multi-media jewellery studio and artisan training centre for women living in a marginalised community in Kolkata, India. Kiran jewellery is based on copper and the iconic Indian sari. We love the use of reclaimed saris in the Kiran products. It is aesthetically and symbolically beautiful to see this icon of feminine India celebrated, loved and affirmed by women of other cultures around the world. Accented with glass and wooden beads, and influenced strongly by modern bohemian styles, the collection is both strong and feminine. Kiran provides ladies with fair wages, new opportunities and training to become artisans of skills such as jewellery making and hand weaving. The studio space is not just a place of work but a place of hope, joy and community for the ladies who come.


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