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Gurgaon, Haryana



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  • Madhubani Revival Mouse Pad
  • Classical Maithila Black Mug Classical Maithila Black Mug
  • Dazzling Ikat Tea Chest
  • Kolorobia Madhubani Glass Serving Mat / Cutting Board
  • Elephant Majesty Yellow - Visiting Card Holder
  • Majestic Paisley A5 Journal
  • Unique Peacock Coasters
  • Moroccan Inspiration Café Mug Moroccan Inspiration Café Mug
  • Elephant Majesty Black Mug Elephant Majesty Black Mug
  • Peacock Admiration Tissue Box
  • Kolorobia Paisley Glass Serving Mat / Cutting Board
  • Turkish Fervor Card Holder
  • Gujrati Garba Coasters
  • Mughal Blooms A5 Journal
  • Obsessing Warli Coasters
  • Ornate Mughal Café Mug Ornate Mughal Café Mug
  • Rustic Warli Black Mug Rustic Warli Black Mug
  • Moroccan Inspiration Tissue Box
  • Mughal Blooms Glass Serving Mat / Cutting Board
  • Peacock Admiration Visiting Card Holder
  • Moroccan Inspiration Wooden Coasters
  • Pristine Turkish iPhone 4 N 4S
  • Ornate Mughal Glass Coaster
  • Ornate Mughal Decorative Plate

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  • Kolorobia Designer Garba Wooden Tray
  • Moroccan Inspiration Black Mug Moroccan Inspiration Black Mug
  • Pristine Turkish Blue  Tissue Box
  • Elephant Majesty Mouse Pad
  • Charismatic Peacock Black Sipper
  • Pristine Turkish Wooden Coasters
  • Elephant Majesty iPad Sleeve
  • Peacock Admiration Mug Peacock Admiration Mug
  • Ornate Mughal Wooden Tray
  • Mughal Blooms Black Mug Mughal Blooms Black Mug
  • Peacock Admiration Candle Holder
  • Dazzling Ikat Art Mouse Pad
  • Turkish Fervor Black Sipper
  • Rustic Warli Shot Glass
  • Pristine Turkish iPad Sleeve
  • Pristine Turkish Mug Pristine Turkish Mug
  • Charismatic Peacock Mug Charismatic Peacock Mug
  • Elephant Majesty Tea Chest
  • Moroccan Inspiration Candle Holder
  • Floral Madhubani Visiting Card Holder
  • Classic Madhubani A5 Journals
  • Smile Flowers Turkish Shot Glass
  • Princely Camel Cafe Mug Princely Camel Cafe Mug
  • Madhubani With Yellow Aura Mug Madhubani With Yellow Aura Mug

Showing 1-48 of 247 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Kolorobia

Hi, this is Diwakar Singh from Kolorobia. Kolorobia endeavors to make your life more colourful with wonderful designs, beautiful artworks and priceless paintings printed on a range of your daily use products, including dining material, home décor and office & personal accessories. We strive to bring you an assortment of products that are splendid at the same time functional.


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