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Leaf Painting by Imran Khan

Mumbai, Maharashtra



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About Leaf Painting by Imran Khan

Imran Khan has been painting for more than 25 years now. Based out Mumbai, he started experimenting with different materials and paints and stumbled upon his passion of painting on pipal leaves. Ever since, there's been no stopping him.

Originating in Southern Kerala, this art form of painting on dried pipal leaf is now all but extinct, with only a handful of skilled painters like Imran practicing it. The process involves first drying off the pipal leaves and then using oil paints to paint on them. This involves tremendous skill, dexterity and patience as the leaves are extremely fragile and rupture quickly.

Imran sits outside Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai everyday with his wares from morning till sundown and we are proud to bring his art to your doorstep with his personalised leaf portraits.


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