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  • Savoy Beaded Cushion
  • Neutral Glisten Cushion
  • Tangerine Suzano Cushion
  • Classic Antique Finish Lamp
  • Bohemian Opulence Cushion
  • Carved Spiral Washed Out Lamp
  • Vintage Love Cushion
  • Drift Trunk Natural Lamp
  • Floral Shades Cushion
  • Bottom Full Rounded Natural Lamp
  • Monochrome Faux Leather Embroidered Cushion
  • Gardenia Natural Finish Lamp
  • Circular Ogee Cushion
  • Geometric Opulence Cushion
  • Ingrid Carved White Washed Lamp
  • Boho Shades of Blue Cushion
  • Oatmeal Washed Lamp
  • Animal In The Jungle Cushion
  • Roth Natural Finish Lamp
  • Sky Blue Suzani Cushion
  • Shabby Chic Carved Natural Lamp
  • Tie and Dye Love Cushion
  • Classic Accent Natural Finish Lamps
  • Black Rose Cushion
  • Glitterati Effect Cushion
  • Earthy Medallion Cushion
  • Botanical Love Cushion
  • Carved Bark Washed Out Lamp
  • Bohemian Touch Cushion
  • Washed Out Vintage Lamp
  • Beaded Damask Cushion
  • Allen Natural Lamp
  • Indigo and Pastels Cushion
  • Drop Bottom Natural Finish Lamp
  • Earthen Shades Suzani Cushion
  • Black Geometric Cushion
  • Boho Aztec Cushion
  • Weathered Wood Lamp
  • Moroccan Chic Cushion
  • Squared Urn Natural Finish Lamp
  • Royal Glitter Cushion
  • Classic Wooden Lamp
  • Indigo Suzani Cushion
  • Stripes And Round Natural Finish Lamp
  • Indigo Beaded Cushion
  • Button Bowl Natural Finish Lamp
  • Black and White Geometry Cushion
  • Gardenia Cushion

Showing 1-48 of 58 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Make Make

The Concept behind Make Make Label is of being a one-stop destination of Premium quality custom made home furnishing products at affordable prices. Our focus is to provide top level style, quality and value to our customers. We do this by combining indigenous craftsmanship with modern contemporary designs. We also offer customization & exclusivity of designs.


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