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My Ganesha by Venkatesh Ellore

Bangalore, Karnataka



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About My Ganesha by Venkatesh Ellore

Venkatesh Ellore is a Bangalore based artist who has the unique gift of using the letters in a person’s name, place or organisation to draw a beautiful and elegantly proportioned Ganesha.

Venkatesh says that he realized very early in life that he was gifted. All he needed was a blank piece of paper and pen. Drawing was his God given gift. He could picture anything and put it down on paper in a matter of seconds. He realized while doing his engineering that 3 dimensional drawings that were so tough for his friends were a breeze for him.

Venkatesh has honed his craft and come up with a unique art form. He can take any name and write it or rather draw out the letters of the alphabet to look like the Lord Ganesha. He tells us that he has done this for almost all the famous and popular personalities of our country. They are usually gifted to them by their fans or followers. He also tells us that it is a great corporate gift. The finished Ganesha is a ‘My Ganesha’ because it is personalized in the sense that it is made up of your name or of you and your spouse. Offering prayers to this Ganesha is also considered auspicious and he adds through this he shows that there is divinity within all of us. Venkatesh creates this thing of beauty in the blink of an eye, effortlessly.

Mr. Venkatesh passionately keeps improving his repertoire and he loves to entertain his audience with his mastery with the pen and paper. For instance he can write any word or sentence in 16 different ways, that is backwards, upside down, its mirror image, from left to right and so on. But wait that is not all. He can do all of this again with his left hand as well!

He is great at caricature, doodling, one line drawing (making a picture in one continuous flow without lifting the pen from the paper) and spell out the words to illustrate their meaning. For example he can spell out ‘motorbike’ to look like a motorbike, or spell out the word ‘shark’ to make it one. He can do this with over 70 words. He also has something to offer for families where he puts all the names together to make a lamp where the children form the light, the mother is the pillar and the father is the base that supports them all.

In his words, a simple blank piece of paper and a pen are his best friends!

His work has been featured in various publications like The Hindu, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald etc.


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