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Nirmala Franklin

Chennai, Tamil Nadu



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About Nirmala Franklin

Hi, I am Nirmala Franklin and I heartily welcome you to my shop. As you would have already guessed by now, I love to plan and be organised. I love the feeling I get when I cross things off. What is more rewarding, than being well planned in everything we do and be more successful.

As a little young girl crying to have my own shelf and endlessly arranging things, this life long passion of mine have now blossomed in to creating these EVERYDAY planners. Most of you, like me, would be busy moms/students/housewives managing home/family/passion all at the same time.

We all tend to get overwhelmed at times, managing everything at once.I am here to share my experience which I believe, would help you too.

These planners were based on my learnings on how to manage things in a more organized way. I hope that this planner helps you to plan your life, studies, work, business, fitness, diet and the billion other things there is. Also these planners have been designed to be both functional and beautiful & comes with various accessories. I hope you enjoy the planner as much as I do.

When I am not doing this, you can find me experimenting new ways of organic cleaning, new color palettes, stitching, crafting, creating my own little furniture from unused household furniture, spray painting and on & on. Thanks for reading my story. I would love to hear from you all.

Happy Organising.


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