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Puri, Orissa



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About Pattachitra

Derivative of two Sanskrit words, first being “patta”- which means “canvas”, and second being “chitra”- which means “picture”, Pattachitra is thus “a painting done on canvas”. The thousand years old art form is Odisha’s traditional painting. The simple themes that are depicted beautifully but invariably with a mythological connotation in Pattachitra paintings are done in a way so lovely and rich to the eyes of the audience. The creative motifs and design, and vibrant colourful application to portray something commonplace build the unique differentiating factor of the art.

Each and every product that we sell carries a legacy that you bring to our home with purchase. The traditional artists who make the paintings that we sell, follow an organic and traditional route by using only environment friendly material, such as paper, wood, stone, cloth, leaves, clay, and so forth, and 100% organic dyes and adhesives. The process that goes into the creation of the refined paintings, tried and tested by artisans for hundreds of years, lends the final creations an easy and tasteful grace. Each traditional art form is wholly handmade, and takes about five to seven days, sometimes more, to be completed.


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