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Prizum-Specially Yours

Bangalore, Karnataka



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About Prizum-Specially Yours

A world dedicated to beautiful, unique and vibrant handcrafted creations for the home and garden and lifestyle accessories. Prizum-Specially Yours is originated with the idea of involving my Specially gifted daughter Rizu, who is extremely talented when it comes to art and craft, but of course, she does things in her own terms and moods. Being an artist myself, I help her tap further into her artistic potential by giving exposure to various mediums of her choice and in her capacities by creating unique combination of art /craft pieces along with her at times of her choice. Prizum is a platform for many handmade products including paintings, and some boastfully carries Rizu’s touch in them and others are mine in its design and patterns. Each PRIZUM creation is handcrafted through various methods like upcycling items such as plastic containers and dry wood, and combining them with beads, paint and clay work to pottery designs to paintings toJewellery and other decors, utilities. Through the re-use of objects such as plastic, we aim to play a significant role in contributing towards a green and clean Earth. There are paintings which showcases African Touches, which depicts my experiences, African life, culture, scenes of amazingly beautiful andincredible part of the world as I have spent thirteen years of my life in Africa which I regard as the best phase of my life. Welcome to the world of Prizum-Specially Yours.


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