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Bangalore, Karnataka



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  • Cutting Board BXL
  • Cutlery Stand 2COW Cutlery Stand 2COW
  • Wooden Cutting Board C&WL2 Wooden Cutting Board C&WL2
  • Patla OXL Patla OXL
  • Wooden Cutting Board ATL2 Wooden Cutting Board ATL2
  • Pen Stand ON Pen Stand ON
  • Wooden Chopping Board – Home Classic ACH Wooden Chopping Board – Home Classic ACH
  • Wooden Cutting Board T&OL2 Wooden Cutting Board T&OL2
  • Pen Stand OW Pen Stand OW

Showing 9 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Relix

Brand Relix was coined by combining words that are core to the definition of quality i. e. Reliability and Excellence. Our business philosophy is about: Making simple products that are safe (personal and chemical safety) and easy to use (ergonomic) Making products largely from natural raw materials We cater to specific market segments within the Lifestyle space where most of our products are made from wood.


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