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About Scaled Dimensions

Hi! Welcome to Scaled Dimensions!, I am Zubin, the designer and maker of the paper sculptures and DIY kits you see in my shop. And here is how it all came together. . .

Paper models from kits had been a big part of my childhood, and as a kid I always wondered who designed them and how. Since then paper has been my biggest victim of experimentation! Paper is so forgiving and versatile, you could bend it, twist it, cut it, fold it, paste it and do so much more! Over a decade later that pursuit led to creation of unique paper sculptures and DIY kits. My passion for details resulted in intricate and complex designs. Some of them can be seen here.

All my artworks and models are inspired by personal experiences, passion and perceptions. Being a lover of cycling heavily reflects in my choice of DIY Kit models. While the Kaleidoscope series of paper sculptures have their roots in my childhood memories of leaving a kaleidoscope undisturbed for days just to stare at its hypnotizing patterns. The latest Zodiac series of paper art are the outcome of my fascination with how the constellations and planets influence and shape our persona, traits and lives.


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