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Second Flush Risheehat Organic Black Tea


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The Darjeeling Risheehat second flush organic whole leaf tea has a refreshing flavor and stylish wiry leaf with some silver tips. The tea has bright infusion with second flush character and a delicate aroma. It is known as the ‘champagne of teas.

Delivered within 4-5 Business days.

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About the Product

The Darjeeling Risheehat second flush organic whole leaf tea has a refreshing flavor and stylish wiry leaf. The tea has a coppery tinge with bright infusion and a delicate aroma. It is known as the ‘champagne of teas’. Darjeeling tea echoes mystery and magic in every sip. Due to its unique characteristics and delicate aroma it is often called The Champagne of Tea”. The name Risheehat means “home of holy saints” and the exotic quality of the tea leaves that are grown in this estate fully justifies this name. This garden was established by the British Planters in the mid 19th century. Risheehat tea is highly favored for its organic values and is one of the best sellers. Drinking organic tea provides you with varied health benefits. We bring to you tea that is fresh and which is brought directly from our gardens. Darjeeling Second Flush tea is the produce from the second harvest of the year, immediately after the spring, from June to September. Darjeeling Second Flush is also known as Summer Tea, as it is harvested during this period. It is brisk coppery cup with a delicate muscatel character.

Delivered within 4-5 Business days.

About the Maker

Creators of an exquisite array of amber elixir, we at Jay Shree tea have been synonymous with Luxury Tea in the Wholesale Tea market for close to 70 years. Formed on 27th October, 1945, Jay Shree is a diversified conglomerate of the well known BK Birla empire. Having enticed the Wholesale Tea Market with our premium tea for 7 Decades, we are now primed to entice connoisseurs with aromatic and de tote beaute beverages that compliment the decadence of luxury living, drawing haute connoisseurs to its aromatic and amber murky depths of opulence. Our creations not only impart a range of unique flavours that play with the taste buds but also tantalise the palate and introduces gourmands to a whole new world of flavours and sensations.What sets our endeavours at Jay Shree apart is our personal dedication towards quality control when it comes to the merchandise that is grown at our estates. The 2nd Largest tea producer in India, Jay Shree’s expansive gardens produce some of the finest beverage in the world.

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