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Sky Goodies

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  • DIY Camera - Photo Frame DIY Camera - Photo Frame
  • Snap-Fit Gift Box: Colorful Suitcase Snap-Fit Gift Box: Colorful Suitcase
  • Colorful Frame Colorful Frame
  • DIY Boombox DIY Boombox
  • Lovely Labels - Large Oval (Set Of 12) Lovely Labels - Large Oval (Set Of 12)
  • DIY Auto Rickshaw - Box DIY Auto Rickshaw - Box

Showing 6 products

12 / 24 / 48 /

About Sky Goodies

Sky Goodies started in late 2013, as an experiment, and a break from our day jobs at Sky Design, our other company. My partner, Amit, and I, are graduates of the National Institute of Design, and Sky Goodies was a combination of our combined love for art, craft, paper and geometry. As we had been working on very large and serious corporate projects for many years at Sky Design, we experimented with some fun products, and created some DIY paper craft templates. We listed them on Etsy, and got a good response. So we continued creating more products. By the end of 2013, we were quite overwhelmed with the positive feedback from customers all over the world. That's when we decided to focus more time and energy and create a full collection of products.

We wanted to create products with a high emotional quotient. Gifts, especially handmade ones, were the perfect niche. Paper craft by itself is an old concept, but is considered a kids' hobby by many people. We wanted to make products that any person, of any age or background, could create, use, or gift, and could experience the joy of making and giving. In our increasingly stressful and digitally oriented lives, paper craft and handmade gifts can bring a few bursts of joy.

Our products are aimed to be gifts. To oneself or others. We figured that people are attached to objects that they have received as gifts from people they are close to, or which they have made themselves. The idea of handmade gifts is to not just spend money to convey your emotions to a loved one, but to actually put in the effort of making something which can also be a useful product, and can show how much you care.


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