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About SmileMiddle

Custom portraits are the new trend in personalized gifting! A portrait is a unique gift! It is royal and classy, it’s a thing of art that used to be for great Kings and Generals and now for you!

Gift a portrait to someone you love. Portraits are gift for all occasions – Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and even Funerals. You can gift these to your friends, family, parents and especially your girlfriend or wife. Both men and women love this gift equally! Not just at home, portraits are an amazing gift for your workplace and a successful corporate gift as well. You could give it to your boss and he would be Oh So Impressed.

A beautiful portrait will adorn the walls of the house of the person you give it to. It would be an icebreaker when people visit that home and you will always be mentioned! Think about it. Gift a portrait to someone you love and they would wake up to see that portrait and smile at it and think about you!


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