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Mruthyunjayan Imports & Exports Pvt. Ltd

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Hi, this is Sendhil Raja from Snuggerz.

Snuggerz are all-terrain stylish, comfortable slip- ons which makes your foot steps softer in a perfect way. It's a new gel based concept-designed slippers to balance & neutralize the tough impacts that your foot, knee, back and spine takes due to the rough surface that you walk on. Made of 6 Layers with fabric coral fleece, abrasion resistant rubber, expandable geo-membrane, polymeric gel, flexi elastomer and thermo-plastic rubber. Comforts spinal pain, Eases back pain, Relieves knee pain, Soothes foot pain. The gel within does not get flatten or loses its quality ensuring long- lasting support. Unisex, Washable, Anti-Slippery, Durable, Light- Weight. Indoor & Outdoor Usage.


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