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  • Paint it black Men - T-shirt
  • Drives You Men - T-shirt
  • Highway 2 Hell Men - T-shirt
  • Drink Come True Men - T-shirt
  • MJ Men - T-shirt
  • Tree That Men - T-shirt
  • Dont Panic Men - T-shirt
  • NOMAD Men - T-shirt

Showing 8 products

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About TeeNetra

We started Teenetra only for one reason - because we love good design and the games id plays with our mind. The varying emotions it makes us undergo, the moment we lay a glance on it- appreciation, agreement, association, arousal or even a smirk sometimes. It is a seed of conversations. And since we are talking, why not talk sense. Getting into t-shirts was the next obvious step. We ourselves are a big fan of all other t-shirt companies but not of monotony. So, when everyone else is giving us superman, sheldon and sherlock in different formats, we thought why not have a format that's different, certainly not on other sites and which make sense.Designs that reflect, not which shows one watches or which superhero he/she is a fan of but more about the person, his beliefs, his passion. About something close to his/her heart, laid open on his print. Ergo follows our mantra- wear your heart on your print !


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