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About Wow Trendy

Wow Trendy seeks to provide an interface to thousands of artisans across India to sell handicrafts, antique jewellery, tribal artefacts, ethnic products and other traditional and heritage items directly to the end-consumers and buyers. The driving force is to aggregate the supply of crafts and use the power of Internet and bring to fore the beautiful culture and diversity that defines India's handicraft traditions and industry.

Wow Trendy aims at developing, training and motivating Indian artisans to a self-sustainable business model, developing fair price value chain and eliminating intermediaries and information asymmetry. By connecting the local artisans and designers of India to the global customers, Wow Trendy aims at increasing their income via traditional, and quite often, generational means of livelihood thus, removing the middlemen and promoting their products/brand on a global stage. We believe that this initiative will not only help the artisans/producers of India, but also give the global audience access to diversified and beautiful Home, Lifestyle & Fashion products from across India.


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